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Minimise Swelling & Encourage Flexibility with Sports Massages

December 1st, 2017

Massages play a great role in managing a variety of health-related problems not least of which sports rehabilitation stands out, but sports is not the only important reason you might wish to get a massage.

What is massage therapy?
Massage therapy involves the use of various techniques to relieve health-related conditions such as muscle and joint stiffness, proneness to general anxiety, depression, pain, soft-tissue swelling due to trauma and many others. Massage therapists may rub, manipulate or apply pressure on muscle groups and soft tissue in various parts of the body to achieve the desired goal.

Various uses of massage
Our massages in Northampton are great for everyone. Massage is thought to stimulate the release of chemicals beneficial to the body and it blocks the transmission of pain signals to the brain. There is even evidence that massage could be beneficial for relieving chronic low-back pain, especially in individuals that do not respond to conventional treatment.

Soft-tissue swelling can result from injuries sustained in the course of everyday activities at home and at work. Massage is a useful therapy for reducing the swelling and relieving the pain gradually over time.

Massage therapy can be very helpful in the management of osteoarthritis and spondylosis. Passive hands-on movement technique is applied to the stiff joint to achieve mobilisation and relieve the pain. Mobilisation takes pressure off sensitive nerves and stimulates release of chemicals which act as natural pain killers.

Deep tissue massage is a technique that can be used to treat chronic pain conditions such as arthritis, muscle stiffness, hyper-tonicity, postural and other related conditions. Deep tissue massage focuses on specific muscle groups responsible for causing the symptoms. It stretches specific areas of tissue in ways that may not be possible by normal exercise and facilitates healing process by opening up blood supply to the affected tissues.

Poor posture can also lead to hypersensitive spots in taut bands of skeletal muscle. This can be treated by applying varying amounts of pressure on the trigger points in an attempt to deprive the affected area of energy supplied by oxygen. Postural awareness methods are taught to supplement massage and other therapies.

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