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Suzanne Wright – Homeopathy

Suzanne Wright

BSc(hons) LCH MARH Registered Homeopath

I have been practising homeopathy at Therapies since 2014. I’m passionate about helping my clients, figuring out why they aren’t well, and how to make them feel better. My approach to figuring out what’s going on is very methodical:

Understand your symptoms

You may have a name for your symptoms. Or even a named condition. But your experience of your symptoms will be unique to you. Sure, you have pain in your abdomen. But what kind of pain? But which part of your abdomen? When does it hurt? What makes it feel better or worse? The more details you can share with me, the better I can find a remedy to match your unique symptoms.

Understand you

A fidgety, anxious person may have a different experience of their symptoms to a tired, sad person. And they would respond well to different remedies. So, in your appointment, I will ask you lots of questions about your general characteristics. The more details you can share with me, the better I can find a remedy to match your unique constitution. Are you noticing a theme here?

Find the possible reasons why you have symptoms

Analysing your timeline – the pathway of events that led to where you are now, healthwise – often provides the information we need to find remedies that will help you.

By tracing your symptoms back to when they started, and looking at what was going on at the time, we can start to see what may have caused them.

In a simple example, if sciatica began 20 years ago, shortly after falling badly from a horse, we probably need to look at remedies that treat impact injuries.

Less obviously, if arthritic pains began 8 years ago, shortly after a parent died, we may need to consider joint pain remedies that also help with the effects of grief.

If allergies began in your teenage years, I’ll ask questions to understand  whether you had exam stress at the time, or bullying issues, or simply a massive growth spurt. And then find remedies that suit that situation.

Work through toxins

My post-graduate training in Homeopathic Detox Therapy and Human Chemistry opened up a whole new avenue for helping my clients.

Now I can look in a more detailed way at your timeline – what toxins were you been exposed to before your symptoms started? Antibiotics? Recreational drugs? Lots of paint fumes?

And I can put together a treatment program to detox those specific toxins. I think of it as decluttering your body.

Address imbalances

From your symptoms, and from blood test results I can get an idea of what chemical imbalances there may be in your body – is your cortisol level too high? What about cholesterol? Iron?

Bring me your blood test results and I’ll have a good look through to see what’s out of balance. And then I can help you to put things right!

Contact me

It’s important to find a homeopath that’s right for you. If you’d like to schedule a free 10 minute chat to see if I’m right for you, please visit I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have, and if I feel that another homeopath may suit you better I’ll be happy to recommend one.