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Suzanne Wright – Homeopathy

BSc (hons) LCH MARH

Registered Homeopath

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I am a qualified homeopath with experience of treating patients with a wide range of conditions.

I have a special interest in using homeopathy to treat patients with headaches and their associated symptoms. An increasing number of people suffer with recurring headaches or migraines and there is little relief offered by conventional medicine, other than to take painkillers to ease the pain. I have been successful in helping a number of patients to significantly reduce the frequency and severity of their headaches, using safe, non-toxic homeopathic remedies that are non-addictive.

As a member of The Alliance of Registered Homeopaths (MARH), I follow a strict Code of Ethics and hold full professional insurance.

Homeopathy has been in use for over 200 years. It is such a safe and gentle form of natural medicine that it is suitable for everyone, including babies and children, elderly people and pregnant women.

As a homeopath I treat you as an individual, taking into account your own health history, your family history and your personality as well as your current symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are chosen to restore balance and equilibrium on every level physically, emotionally, psychologically and spiritually.

I usually prescribe remedies in the form of tiny pillules which dissolve in the mouth.


  • Initial consultation (allow 90 minutes): 70
  • Follow-up (allow 45 minutes): 50

The consultation charge includes the costs of remedies prescribed.

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