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Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture

Facial Enhancement Acupuncture (FEA) is a natural and holistic treatment that provides a safe and effective alternative to more invasive procedures, such as botox and surgery. As treatment also consists of body points as well, the patients well-being can be greatly improved by undertaking a series of treatments. Acupuncture can help by stimulating blood flow into the area, and promoting collagen production to plump up the wrinkles and fine lines.

Usually, 8-12 treatments are required, with clients having at least weekly treatments, seeing the benefits after 4-6 treatments. FEA is an effective treatment to:

  • Lift the face, particularly along the jawline and cheek area
  • Eliminate fine lines & soften deeper lines
  • Fade small scars & age spots
  • Improve acne
  • Give a healthy glow
  • Reduce puffiness

Studies published in the International Journal of Clinical Acupuncture in 1996 showed that of 300 people who received Facial Acupuncture, 90% demonstrated marked results after only their first treatment.


Victoria May Heasman (BSc (Hons), FEA, MBAcC)

Traditional Chinese Acupuncturist, Facial Enhancement Acupuncturist, Traditional Chinese Medical Therapist

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