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Lesley Stephenson – Kinesiology

Lesley Stephenson B.SC. Hons, PGCE, Dip Class K, KFRP

Kinesiology Federation Registered Practitioner

Touch for Health Consultant

Touch for Health Instructor

Kinesiology and Touch for Health Mentor

Reiki Master

Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher

Lesley is a very experienced complementary healthcare practitioner and has been dedicated to this work ever since her training in 1999.

Lesleys background is as a Teacher of Mathematics, an IT professional and a Senior Project Manager for a large financial services company. It was her own ill health (a number of years with ME/Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) that introduced her into the world of complementary healthcare. It was Kinesiology that made the breakthrough and restored her the health and vitality.

Lesley is passionate about being able to empower and help people reach their full potential.

Available at Therapies at Wootton Fields are :

  • Kinesiology (1st appointment 90 mins, subsequent 60 mins)
  • Mentoring (30 mins)
  • Reiki (75 mins)

Lesley also offers a free of charge 15-minute telephone conversation to discuss your individual needs and how her therapies can help you.

You can contact Lesley on 07902 469815 or