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Jane Brodie Counsellor(incl Outdoor), Hypnotherapist

Jane Brodie counsellor (including outdoor therapy) and hypnotherapist

Ad. Dip. CP, Dip. Hyp.CS

Many of us, when feeling low or anxious, talk to family or friends but there are times when maybe you feel just too isolated or overwhelmed, or simply unable to share thoughts or fears with those closest to you. Thats when counselling, hypnotherapy or simple relaxation techniques can help you cope.

Talking to someone unconnected to you can sometimes provide objectivity and perspective to your issues. It can help you make sense of why youre feeling a certain way and may help change your feelings or reactions. Past relationships, family life, education or work commitments, bereavements, illness can all affect how you respond and cope with current and future challenges.

Ive offered an empathic ear to many friends and family over the years but it has only been in the last decade that I formally trained in counselling and hypnotherapy.

Rather uniquely, I also offer outdoor therapy (sometimes called ecotherapy), which some people can find both liberating yet grounding. Sessions last for the full therapeutic hour, or longer, as negotiated. I either walk and talk with clients, or we sit, or we do awareness exercises. You dont need to be particularly fit, and outdoor sessions are governed by both being mindful of clients needs and, of course, the weather! All traditional boundaries associated with counselling apply, including agreeing a goal and confidentiality.

By working with me, previous clients have explored their past and discovered ways to cope with depression, to grieve, to regain confidence, to manage anxiety, to work through guilt or anger, or to deal with weight issues. Others have successfully rid themselves of harmful habits like smoking or the paralysing effects of phobias.

For some people, a single hypnotherapy session is enough to make positive changes in their life. For others, a number of therapeutic sessions may be necessary to understand how past events have shaped their thinking and to learn how they could change their perspective.

30 minute initial consultation free. This provides an opportunity to decide whether we want to work together.

Counselling fee 35/hour

Hypnotherapy 45/session (packages available)

I learnt that the things in your head are not always as bad, like you thought they were. The time spent with Jane was the safest, most comfortable place to be to learn who I really was after 50 years. SA, Northants

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