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Donna Stocks – Counsellor, Hypnotherapy, Reflexology

A registered member of the British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy (BACP) and the National Counselling Society, both approved by the National Standards Authority and a registered member of Complementary Medical Association (CMA). Qualified Reflexologist and Hypnotherapist.

As an integrative counsellor my approach involves drawing upon more than one counselling modality,  blending relevant theory and interventions to suit the particular needs of my clients. 

Helping to understand what maybe at the root of persistent high anxiety or depression, understand the roots of repeating patterns of behaviour that cause distress and are holding you back, so you can become more self-aware, offer self-compassion and empowered to choose positive and lasting changes. Or just talk in a confidential and non-judgemental safe space, where exploration can help to find solutions 

I have undertaken additional training in working with ADHD clients, helping them to understand who they are within the context of neurodiverse brain type, that they are so much more than the ‘label’.

I actively promote for better awareness. I also have undertaken additional training in ‘Inner-Child’ therapy to meet the needs that were not met in childhood, allowing exploration of beliefs and coping strategies which maybe holding back growth and recognition of unprocessed emotions causing inner turmoil. This helps to validate the child experience and give them a voice, an opportunity to give self-compassion and understanding.

I have 4+ experience in supporting young people at The Lowdown Northampton, a youth mental health charity and outreach secondary school counsellor.  Current staff counsellor at a local secondary school.  Enhanced DBS holder (child and adult workforce)

I specialise in health and wellbeing therapies, focusing on mind & body connections to promote healing both physically and emotionally. I can help clients to understand the mind and body connections and the effects on our physical health, particularly useful in the management of anxiety.

Age ranges:

13 + Counselling & Psychotherapy, Reflexology 

18 + Hypnotherapy

More information can be found at or email or Counsellor Donna Stocks – Northampton – Counselling Directory ( for bookings.