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Pregnancy & Post Natal Massage

Massages in Northampton

Pregnancy and Post Natal Massage can;-
– reduce stress, improve relaxation and sleep patterns.
– reduce back, shoulder and neck aches due to tight musculature.
– decrease joint pain in the pelvic/hip area.
– improve blood circulation and lymphatic drainage.
– reduce swelling often found in the hands and lower legs.
– improve healing time after birth.
– provide you with some time to ‘be kind to yourself’.

After Caesarean-Section

After a C-Section delivery there will be a large number of adhesions formed as a natural response of the body to the local trauma. These microscopic collagen strands will remain for life as a by-product of the surgery. Massage can help the body’s natural healing by improving the lymphatic drainage soon after surgery. After the wound has healed into a scar, precise massage techniques in this area will then help to break down these over produced adhesions,release soft tissue fascia, help to improve the condition of the skin and remove scar tissue in this delicate area. This can all help to regain sensitivity, control and freedom of movement. We will discuss this technique should you wish to incorporate into your treatment as well as showing you how you can do this yourself.

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