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A Podiatrist will help you to prevent, diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the feet and lower limbs. During a podiatry session, a Podiatrist will:

*Give foot care and footwear advice
*Help with routine management such as nail cutting and callus and corn removal, and monitor foot health
*Treat wounds, injuries and infections
*Correct in-grown toenails
*Give diabetic foot assessment and care
*Perform a gait analysis and give a prescription of corrective insoles or orthoses
*Refer to specialist podiatrists for surgical procedures for foot deformities; refer to sports podiatrists for athletic problems or inuries.

Anyone can experience problematic feet, including children, pregnant mums and athletes. It is not exclusive to senior citizens!

Our feet may also mirror our general health. For example, signs of diabetes, arthritis, circulatory or neurological diseases may often appear first in the feet. Problems with our backs, hips and knees may often affect our gait and it is often true in reverse.

Podiatrist: Kathy Sindall