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A Registered Podiatrist is a highly skilled professional trained specifically to help prevent, diagnose and treat abnormal conditions of the foot and lower limb.  Your general Podiatrist will:

  • Give footwear and foot care advice, and monitor foot health
  • Help with routine management such as nail cutting and callus and corn removal
  • Treat wounds, injuries and infections, including verrucas
  • Correct ingrowing nails by surgical and non surgical methods
  • Assist with Diabetic foot management
  • Perform gait analysis and prescribe corrective orthoses and insoles
  • Offer foot pain management through the use of soft tissue and joint mobilisation techniques and ultrasound therapy

Podiatry treatment is appropriate for all ages from babies through to senior citizens.

On your first visit you will be given a thorough examination of your foot and lower limb that will be tailored to the presenting complaint. A full medical history will be taken, and it is important to bring with you a list of any medication you take. It is also important that all traces of nail polish are removed for the consultation. Available treatments will then be discussed to suit the needs of the individual, with the emphasis on reducing pain. 

It is respectfully requested that to avoid interruptions and distractions, mobile phones are turned off during the consultation, and for reasons of safety, young children are not brought into the consulting room unless it is they who are attending for treatment.

Podiatrist: Kathy Sindall