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Nutritional Therapy & Iridology

Nutritional Therapy

Unfortunately, with busy lives and fast food we have taken our health for granted. We have taken symptoms such as headaches, bloating, feeling tired all the time and infertility problems as normal conditions when in fact they are signals from our bodies that something isn’t quite right. Our bodies constantly need the right balance of nutrients to function optimally. Sometimes our individual needs are not met and this can be a huge factor in health related issues. Nutritional Therapy assesses your diet and lifestyle and helps to rectify imbalances that are contributing to health conditions. It aims to help this process by targeting the cause of the problem rather than just the symptoms

A One-2-One Consultation can really help you achieve your health goals. This is done through an iridology assessment, an understanding of your health history, a body composition analysis (Optional) and a tailor-made diet & nutrition plan. During the consultation, I will go through your questionnaire, explain possible reasons for the health problems you are experiencing, answer any questions, discuss realistic health goals, give detailed diet and lifestyle advice, cooking tips, and recommendations for any potential supplements.


Iridology is the science of the iris, or colored portion, of the eye. The iris contains bundles of thousands of nerve fibers and is a reflection of the entire body.The iris is connected to every organ and tissue of the body by way of the brain and central nervous system through the optic nerve. The optic nerve connects to the central nervous system (CNS) which is the main communication link to everything that goes on in the body.

Think of your brain as your bodys hard drive; it remembers everything that ever happened to your body. Your iris is then like the file folder. So reading the iris to find out what is going on in the body is similar to how one reads a computer screen to access whats in a computer

Whom can it help/what ailments in particular is Iridology good for?

Iridology is a tool to assess where inherent strengths and deficiencies are located within the body; however, it does not give solutions as such. It is important to note that Iridology cannot diagnose disease. Do not expect an Iridologist to confirm or deny any diseases you think you may have, but do expect to have a thorough understanding of how your body works and why you may not be experiencing the level of health which you desire. In that regard, Iridology is good for everyone because having a better understanding of your body is key to making the right decisions for a healthy lifestyle. Ultimately the goal is to prevent any major illness or dis-ease in the body and have longevity and vitality for a good, healthy life.

Iridology is also particularly good for anyone who has struggled with their health for some time and perhaps has been led down different paths with various treatments, not really ever having a clear understanding of how their body actually works.


Andy Fox